Virgin Atlantic WE Day | Happy Ending


Virgin Atlantic approached us with an exciting brief for their charity; WE Day. WE Day is a celebration of young people making a difference in their local and global communities hosted by WE movement – bringing people together and gives them the tools to change the world. Every year, a school gets voted in by the WE Day panel giving them the opportunity to show WE community how they took social action, empowered others and transform lives—including their own.. Burnt Ash Primary was this year’s UK finalists, and our challenge was to animate their story for the backdrop of their speech at hosted at Wembley Arena.


Seeing as this was a very open brief, other that keeping the animation to a minute long, following the script and allowing it to split across eight arena screens, we were free to do whatever we liked. Having this opportunity to challenge ourselves, be experimental and have a big passion for paper craft, we thought a fun route to go down would be to create all the scenes out of paper cutouts are using a combination of film and stop motion to tell the story. We also thought that this technique of animating the story with crafty materials and giving it a home-made feel would be familiar and relate to school pupils which will be the main audience watching it.


4,700 sticky pads, 40 cups of coffee, 4 sets or hands, 579 cutouts later, we created the props and got filming. With a huge thanks for Indigo Rebel film, we set up the scene with horizontal backdrops and a camera suspended from above. Other than having a very pleasant result, we learned a whole bunch on paper cutting, stop frame animation, best scales to work in, live motionand thoroughly following a script and time scale.









Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 12.50.27.png