All You Can Eat - NTU Graphic Design Degree Show 


To create a visual identity for Nottingham Trent's 2016 Graphic Design Degree Show. This was a team project with myself, Simon Hayes and Alex Green.


This year’s final graphic design year group has been the largest one yet and no doubt the most diverse. In our solution we wanted to capture the size of our year group but reflect it in a positive way and show the industry what a great diversity if designers they had to choose from and preview.


136 chefs a selection of cuisines and a buffet of dishes. 
All You Can Eat buffet, identifies the diverse range of
specialisms we have as a whole. 
It captures the 3 years of kitchen preparation to the eventual 5 minutes of consumption and pleasure of our portfolios, whilst it invites the industry to drool over our talent.



























This is the first thing that the industry will come in contact with and therefore had to make it a quick good first and interactive impression. We decided to send out a screenprinted napkin with the timetable of events as this is what you first received at a real buffet. The napkin was packaged in a take-away look-a-like cardboard box.


























































The website was another important touchpoint we wanted to give much of the attention to as it has so many views in the long run. One of the features we added was as you hover over one of the students on the ‘chefs’ page, the rest of the students are captured as if a massive foodfight is about to take place.

To view the live website page, head to:















Another feature of the website is being able to eliminate categories of cuisines, otherwise known as specialisms, so viewers can can easily find what sort of chefs they are looking for. As you find the chefs you are looking for, you can select the people you want to see and download a ‘receipt’ of your selected dishes. As well as that, a ‘Dish of the Day’ at the top of the home page featues a student chosen at random everytime you refresh the page to give each of us a little extra exposure.








































The catalogues will almost by imitating the look and feel of a buffet menu. As an interactive element of this touchpoint, we added a page of round ‘Dish of the Day’ stickers, which allow readers of the catalogue to bookmark their favourite pages.












































































Instead of having a major centrepiece like previous years, we decided to place a conveyer belt at the entrance of the show making a good first impression and getting the guest excited to dine. On the conveyor belt catalogues rotated.

Around the rest of the space, we hung banners with food related puns, kitchen trays loaded with catalogues and plates and set dinning tables ready for the video clips be drooled over with thirst for design.














































































































































Photos of space and catalogue stickers by Emma Burns
Photo of catalogues under table by Wan Shan Tai








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