Form / Book 2


Explore and celebrate a craft and all that could entail.


With a passion for paper craft and paper itself an I thought interesting route to take on this project was the craft of paper folding. Whilst researching, I was lucky enough to spend a day with a world touring paper folding artist, Richard Sweeney, based in Leeds. After documenting his studio and work environment , Richard showed me the basics of paper folding which was a great first insight into the craft.


My final piece for this brief was to create a paper folding DIY book alongside a zine,  introducing Richard's world of paper folding. As I was shown around his studio and introduced to the basic principles of the craft , I decided to create something that would enable other paper enthusiasts to try out the basics of this craft. The first section of the zine presents various interactive folds which, when flipped, reveal snippets of information on paper folding.


The larger scale book contains 30 basic folds (from the very basic, to pleats and curves). Each fold is explained in three colour coded steps. The first step is pressured folds using a bonefolder -the guided mountain and valley folds fold accordingly. The second step is perforated folds which encourage the user to remember which way to bend the paper. Finally the third step is repeating the fold once again but with no guidance at all. 'Copy, repeat and understand the fold' , as Richard Sweeney quotes.