Cobden place Identity / Waste Studio


Whilst interning at Waste Studio,  Gabrielle Leighton and I were given a live brief to brand and identify Cobden Place (a creative quarter in Nottingham) . We were given the foundations of a typeface developed by Waste Studio as a starter point.


After developing a series of wayfinding mock ups and leaflets we further developed the typeface by adding the lowercase.  We then decided to experiment with the risograph in the studio, gathering all the work we had done for Cobden Chamber's Identity to create a zine . The results were interesting. As I had never used a risograph before, the whole process became a learning curve for me as I experienced the challenges of ensuring the master and print out of spreads matched up in both orientation and order.. Eventually we ended up with two different zines, one with the correctly matched layers and the other the with mis-matched spreads and layers (which was actually my favourite!).